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Hello and welcome to Amputees Amplified, the newly-redesigned website and resource directory for Canadian amputees. Amputees Amplified was originally published in 2003 to provide support and resources for new amputees and their families. This year we have completed a major website renewal in order to continue to provide amputee resources and support.

If you have anything to share, such as anything pertaining to how you overcome any certain task that you feel may help other amputees, please visit my Facebook page at Amputees Amplified.

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Shark Assault

Shark Assault – A Story of Amputee Survival

Peter Jennings is an author who has written “Shark Assault: An Amazing Story of Survival”, published by Dundurn (Canada’s largest independent publisher). This is a non-fiction book about Nicole Moore, a nurse from… More


Amputees wanted for Average Girl Photo Shoot

Emily Dick is a photographer. For the last 3 years she has worked on a body image guide book called Average Girl: A Guide to Loving Your Body. It is an inspirational self help guide full of facts, information, work sheets and… More


Surrey Man Gets Amputee Pedicure for Half Price!

Want to save some money and pamper yourself at the same time? Ask for an amputee pedicure or manicure for half price! People have always told me that I have a good sense of humor, especially as it pertains to my amputation and use of a… More

Athletics Canada

Athletics Canada’s Paralympic Development Program

With the Paralympics coming up in Rio de Janeiro this September, you may be wondering how these athletes got to that level? How do you make a national team? How do yet get started as an athlete with an amputation? Some amputees… More

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