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Hello and welcome to, the newly-redesigned website and resource directory for Canadian and international amputees. was originally published in 2003 to provide support and resources for new amputees and their families. This year we have completed a major website renewal in order to continue to provide amputee resources and support.

Most importantly, we have added a new section called Amputees Amplified, where you, the amputee, can post your own thoughts, submit how-to videos for other amputees, or talk about anything you want on the Amputees Amplified Facebook Page

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Amputee Pain Specialist Dr. Don Nixdorf

A refreshingly concise new medical website,  Dr Don Nixdorf has been created featuring the Empowered Health Video Series, by Dr. Don Nixdorf, a well known health professional, radio talk-show host, and keynote speaker, who… More


The Challenges and Rewards of Amputee Skiing

I began amputee skiing as a direct result of my swimming achievements. I was asked one time if I was interested in trying what was then referred to as “Track Three Skiing” for amputees, consisting of one ski, and two… More

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