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Amputee Resources for Canadian Amputees

Amputee Phantom Pain Relief with Farabloc

Are you thinking of ordering Farabloc for your amputee phantom limb pain? For a limited time, if you send your email address to you will receive 10 percent off your purchase!! Please send email before ordering so that I can notify them. Now is the time to try Farabloc! Please find more Farabloc information here:

Amputee Directory for Canadian Amputees

Linking Canadian Amputees Since 2003

Amputee Dot Ca is website of Larry Gardner, former Paralympian and an above knee amputee for over 35 years. To read Larry's story about his amputation and paralympic experiences, please visit the following links: 

Amputee and Disability Resource Directory is intended as a free resource directory for amputee and disability related information. Please view our directory here, or browse some of our more popular link pages below:

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Prosthetics Links is a support resource for amputees, and their families and caregivers. You can also join our online amputee phantom pain support group at Yahoo Groups by clicking on the image below.

Amputee Phantom Pain Support Group Yahoo

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I am currently in the process of rebuilding as a Wordpress website to bring it along to the 21at century. If you would like to be added to my new email list please send a note to

Podium Search - Learn what sport might be good for your particular (dis) ability.

Learn more at this link: or click on the image below.

Cutting Red Tape for Seriously Disabled Veterans

Good news for Veterans who have had service related amputations. Award Prosthetics patient/clients may receive quality prosthetics laminated with Farabloc fabric in a more timely manner. Physician involvement will no longer be required which will help veterans and their prosthetist they rely on.

Stump socks or limb covers should be considered “over the counter” items which as the Veterans information indicates will not require a prescription and appear to be eligible for reimbursement with the usual forms used by Veterans. As the Veterans information indicates,,, this only makes sense.

This one administrative improvement alone will facilitate those veterans coping with chronic pain to access and receive without administrative or other barrier limb covers/stump socks including Farabloc applications which have shown to so effectively help amputees.

More info here:

Amputee Pain Specialist Dr. Don Nixdorf

A refreshingly concise new medical website, featuring the Empowered Health Video Series, by Dr. Don Nixdorf, a well known health professional, radio talk-show host, and keynote speaker, who also happens to be Vice President of the Farabloc Development Corporation, well known for providing pain relief to amputees and others for many years. Please visit his brand new website at

New Amputee Link Partners:

Amplitude Magazine

Powerful, Practical and Positive Living with Limb Loss. Amputee Support Groups, Amputee Resources, Prosthetist Search and Free Newsletter.

The O&P Edge

A major source of prosthetic and orthotic info for amputees and others. Free newsletter. Order the Limb Loss Resource Guide and get your amputee site or product listed.

GlideWear Prosthetic Liner Patch

The GlideWear Prosthetic Liner Patch provides a protective, low friction interface between amputees’ residual limb and prosthetic liner for immediate relief and lasting protection from skin breakdown. Manufactured in the USA by Tamarack Habilitation Technologies.

Abled Amputees of America, helping amputees grow in body, mind and spirit through inspiration, support and education. Our website is

Sitting Volleyball

Sitting Volleyball is for Amputees and Normies....who knew? Check out their website for more information on how to get involved.

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EMF Protection from Amputee Phantom Limb Pain with Farabloc
The Farabloc Development Corporation is a provider of amputee phantom pain relief products. Please see our Amputee  Pain Page for more information. 
Award Prosthetics and Crutches
Award Prosthetics Inc. specializes in high level lower extremity prosthesis fittings, like very short Above Knee, Hip Disarticulation and Hemiplevectomy prostheses. We use silicone flexible sockets and super flexible acrylic resins to form-fit the amputee exactly and comfortably.
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