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Amputee Sailing

Amputee Sailing

I recently had the opportunity to try my hand at amputee sailing. However, I am no newby to the ocean, having been an active ocean kayaker for the past eight years or so. When someone stole my kayak last year, I took it as a sign that… View

Amputee Sweat Control Products

Time to Think About Amputee Sweat Control

As an above knee amputee who uses a suction type socket, I have struggled for the past couple of hot summers here in Vancouver with socket rotation and buildup of perspiration within the socket. Now that it is getting nice and warm here… View

Yoga for Amputees

I Remember not too long after my amputation taking a 12 week Yoga course with my girlfriend at the time. I have to admit, I didn’t stick with it; I much preferred the swimming pool in those days, and still do. She, however, was a… View

Jigsaw Casting is Looking for Empowered Amputee Women

Jigsaw Casting Ltd in Toronto is looking for empowered women who happen to be amputees. They are currently working on a cereal commercial. The theme is about empowering women and they are looking for women of all shapes, sizes… View