Amputee & Disability News

Get involved in Amputee Kayaking!

One day when I was driving a truck for UBC, I stopped for lunch at a waterside park in Port Moody. While I was sitting there eating my lunch and reading a book, two guys parked and got out their cars, unloaded their kayak gear… View

Getting in and out of a car as an above knee amputee

As a left leg above knee amputee, driving after my accident has never been a problem for me. In fact, in my older age, driving has become one of my great pleasures. Last spring, I drove to my home town, Niagara Falls, Ontario… View

Being an Amputee Dog Owner

Being an amputee dog owner is such a beneficial thing to ones’ well being cannot be overstated. Beyond the pleasure of bonding with the aninal, there is the pure joy of exercise and being out in the environment. I have… View