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How I Got Involved in Amputee Kayaking


One day, about ten years ago, I was parked and taking my lunch break in the company truck near Port Moody at a place called Barnett Marine Park. While I was sitting there munching away, two older gentlemen parked and unloaded all their kayaking gear, and then proceeded to launch their kayaks into Indian Arm. I think I decided then and there that kayaking was going to be my next challenge.

So I purchased a new kayak and all the rest of the gear I needed at a great store in Surrey called Skyview Outdoors. Once I was properly outfitted, I loaded everything into my pickup truck and proceeded to a little park in Ladner, BC called Deas Island, where it seemed fairly easy to load in and the water was fairly calm. In fact it was so calm, I got bored quickly and after that I started launching out of Tswasswen at beach called Tsatsu Shores, on the ocean near the BC Ferry Terminal. This was way more like it.

Over the years, I experienced constantly changing conditions, mostly due to the wind, and spent a lot of time paddling there in the ocean. Eventually, the challenge became more involved with getting the kayak on and off the vehicle because once I was in the water, I was no different than somebody with two, or even three legs.

It is hard to describe in words the feeling of freedom of being in my little thirteen foot boat, floating and bobbing up and down with the ocean swells and enjoying the salt air and the ocean breezes. I highly recommend trying out this activity if you are an amputee.

Eventually, I ended up packing it in and selling my gear because of health problems with my shoulder. But I always remember my paddling days with extreme fondness.


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