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How I Learned to Waterski as an Amputee


Amputee Water Skier Larry Gardner

Amputee Waterskiing

These two photos were taken in the summer of 1986. I learned all about amputee water skiing behind a 17 Foot J-Craft ski boat with 150 Hp Mercury behind it. That thing pulled me out of the water so fast, I was up and skiing after my third try on one slalom ski. I have tried it with smaller engines and wasn’t always able to get out and up. Having the extra horsepower made the difference for me. I spent three summers on the Niagara River and Chippawa Creek area skiing with that boat. I could even do a trick. I used to put the rope between my leg and my stump and let go, doing a good old fashioned, “Look Ma, no hands!” thing, until I lost it and ended up with a high speed enema.




Amputee Water Skier Larry Gardner

Amputee Water Skier Larry Gardner

Besides the skiing and all the fun we used to have, we always got a good laugh while cruising up Chippawa Creek with me in tow, past all the other boaters, who invariably would do the old double take to get a good luck and mutter something like, “Holy crap, did you see that guy!?”. What a laugh we had.



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