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Time to Think About Amputee Sweat Control

Amputee Sweat Control Products

Amputee Sweat Control Products

As an above knee amputee who uses a suction type socket, I have struggled for the past couple of hot summers here in Vancouver with socket rotation and buildup of perspiration within the socket. Now that it is getting nice and warm here again I wanted to speak to you about amputee sweat control, share some tips with you, and, hopefully, hear back from some of you with your own suggestions via my Amputees Amplified Facebook page.

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In my experience, amputee sweat control is a very important issue to me. I have always used a suction socket, and after over forty years as an AK amputee, I don’t think I’ll be switching soon. Last summer, for example, even going to shop for groceries or to the library on my way home from work was becoming a problem for me.

Generally, I don my leg about 5 or 6 o’clock in the morning on work days. Wearing it all day is not a good idea in the heat, so if you have an opportunity to remove your prosthetic limb during the day, go for it. Clean off your residual limb, put some powder on it, and let it “breathe” for a while. Also, wipe out and dry your socket each time and maybe even put a little talcum or alum powder in there too.

Speaking of alum products, one of the best things I have found that helps me deal with this problem is Alum Crystals. Alum comes in a powder, or talcum form, as a deodorant stick, and as a spray. I use the deodorant stick and the alum powder to naturally reduce the amount of perspiration.

Here is a great article on amputee sweat control by prosthetist Tony van der Waarde of Award Prosthetics in Burnaby BC:

If you are interested in learning more about these products or purchasing them, here is the link:

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