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Meet Emery Vanderburgh, an above-knee amputee. After her amputation, she always focused on getting back on track. When she chose to lose her leg, she was assured that the technology is ever progressing and since she was young she would most likely get the best technology available. Yet just before she was due to get the amputation due to osteosarcoma, she attempted to research information but found that it was extremely difficult to find resources. Beyond that, the reality of how hard it is to get funding for a prosthesis was even more shocking.

She could not comprehend that Canada does not even have an accurate statistic of how many amputees there are and that the government has not made resources available for a demographic that will continue to be prevalent, especially considering that someone becomes an amputee every 3 seconds. She believes that every amputee has the right to not feel held back by their limbs, especially if the technology to improve their quality of life already exists.

ampuseek3Ampuseek is an internet based initiative that is dedicated to raising awareness of, and improving upon the current issues of inadequate funding for prosthetics;
Their first project is a travel blog that will document their year long journey in Europe starting in September of 2016. They will be interviewing innovators in the field, showcasing prosthetic technology and accessibility around the world while being an entertaining resource for the general public and amputees alike. They have already gained a lot of traffic online with over 400 followers and more than 10,000 views on their most watched video.

ampuseek2Their mission is to create a platform for the general public, innovators, governments and organizations like Amputees Amplified to work in conjunction and speak to the issues surrounding prosthetic availability. They want to be a fresh, articulate resource that the general public could even mistake for pure entertainment. For example, Their travel blog will document various physical challenges and individual stories of amputees around the world. Once that wealth of information is present on our page, they hope that their website can become a resource for amputees to find accurate information on funding and prosthetics.

Through this whole process, keeping strong links with the amputee community is of the utmost importance to Emery and Gabrielle. “Having insight from amputees is the best way for us to effectively improve the system and target what matters.”

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