Amputees Amplified

Athletics Canada’s Paralympic Development Program

I am excited to share this video through Athletics Canada’s Development Program.


With the Paralympics coming up in Rio de Janeiro this September, you may be wondering how these athletes got to that level? How do you make a national team? How do yet get started as an athlete with an amputation? Some amputees were athletes before they had an accident, others were born with a partial limb or limb length difference and have always enjoyed activity and still others are just starting to consider getting more active.

para2Regardless of what stage you’re at, Athletics Canada is there to help you get started and continue your pursuit of excellence in the sport of Track and Field. The Paralympic Development Program is designed to help you figure out the pathway, from your first try and all along the way as you strive to make a national team.

So now you’re asking what exactly is Para athletics? It’s the sport of Track and Field for those with a physical disability and consists of 27 different classifications. If you have an amputation or a limb length difference there are opportunities for you to get involved in Para-athletics through your local club or high school track team. You’ll learn how to excel at running, jumping, throwing or wheeling and compete against others of similar ability.

para3Furthermore, we are an integrated organization, which means you get to train with friends or peers from around your local area and not have to go and do a separate training program. There are many opportunities to get involved, get active and if you are willing to put in the work, maybe even shoot for a national team. If you want to get involved and see how far you can go please feel free to contact Billy Reed (604.787.5281 or and we’ll get you started.

Also, check out the video web series to see more about Para-athletics, get some coaching tips and see all the cool things you could do: