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Abled Amputees of America

Abled Amputees of America

Abled Amputees of America – The mission of Abled Amputees of America is to assist amputees in achieving optimal wellness in body, mind and spirit through inspiration, support and education.

Amputee Peer Support – A very popular Facebook amputee support group, run by Jeffery Cooke, a double above knee amputee and NASCAR fan.

The Essential Guide to Travelling with a Medical Condition – A very concise and well organized guide to travelling with a medical condition, including travelling abroad with a disability.

The Arthritis and Glucosamine Information Centre – Your Guide to Arthritis and Glucosamine. The Arthritis & Glucosamine Information Center contains quality information on arthritis and glucosamine, the latest glucosamine research, details on arthritis medications and treatments, and tips for effectively managing your pain.

MedFriendly – “Where medical information is easy to understand”.
If you are not a walking medical dictionary, reference, or resource, you may find that medical terms, medical terminology, and medical information is difficult to understand. For example, have you ever come home with a copy of your medical records and had no idea what most of the words in your chart meant? Have you ever looked up a common medical problem such as diabetes mellitus in a medical dictionary and became even more frustrated because the description is filled with complex medical terms? Are you interested in learning more about medical terminology in a fun and easy way? If the answer to these questions are yes, then is the website for you.

Healthlinks – A Complementary Resource Site for Healthcare Consumers and Professionals Providing Links to Consumer Healthcare Services and Products, Professional Healthcare Services and Products, Education, Dental and Medical Content, Hospitals, Employment and Much More!.

Ossur Prosthetics – Life without Limitations! This is a comprehensive resource site for amputees, prosthetists and more and they have a great newsletter.
United Amputee Services Association – Dedicated to the dignity and independence of amputees.

Amputee News and Sports – Amputee sports web. Excellent site for sports and amputee news.

Amputee Support Group British Limbless Association – There’s nothing artificial about our support. This site is for all those seeking advice or support relating to the loss of a limb; whether you are an amputee, relative, career or healthcare professional I hope you find the site useful and informative.

Pain Relief: Back Ache Muscle Tension Neck Sprain Leg Inflammation Sport Injury – Polar Frost pain relieving cold gel is specially formulated to provide soothing relief for back pain, neck pain, sports injuries, back aches, joint aches, soft tissue injuries, stress injuries, etc

Sportability – Cerebral Palsy Sports Association of BC – SportAbility is committed to providing recreation and sport opportunities for athletes with disabilities.

Amputee News – There’s loads of news about amputees out there, this is the site to find the latest news.
This website is intended to be a news resource for amputees, their friends and family, those who work with amputees and those who are simply curious.

Wheelchairs to Walking Aids – Ableize has disability covered

Accessible Epic Enabled Tours & Safaris in South Africa – Epic Enabled offers family friendly & wheelchair accessible camping safari holidays to the disabled traveller in the Kruger National Park, Garden Route and day tours in Johannesburg and Cape Town in South Africa. Everybody is welcome, individuals, friends, families & groups. Touch a wild cheetah, experience the wild animals up close, hear the animal calls, taste traditional food, see the famous African sunsets, have fun & lots more

New Disability – Our website features Wheelchair sports videos. They are online and free for everyone. Included are wheelchair rugby, wheelchair skateboarding, wheelchair tennis, wheelchair basketball, wheelchair dance and power wheelchair sports. You can see it all at

Soulful Encounters – Soulful Encounters is a free service for the physically and medically challenged. It is a dating site which offers news, resources and it is a place for the disabled to advertise. Psychotherapy, nutrition and life coaching is also available to members.

Disabled – – is a free online community which offers personal blogs, discussion forums, private chat, a dating service and more. This growing community has become a gathering place for the international special needs population, home to members from over 15 countries world-wide. It is a place for people of all nationalities, backgrounds and life-challenges to share, connect and just be heard. This site is aimed at facilitating social, personal and romantic development in a supportive and understanding environment. It’s a fun way to meet new people, make new friends, and hopefully find a partner for life. Membership is free, easy and non-committal. Just click on the link above, create a profile, and you are ready to go.